Digital Eye Strain at CES

The Vision Council released their 2016 report on digital eye strain today at CES in Las Vegas. The biggest standout in this year's report focuses on adults (and kids too) using more than one digital device simultaneously - think smartphone, laptop, desktop, TV, the list goes on and on. The impact of using multiple devices simultaneously throughout the day means double the exposure to blue light and double the chances of developing digital eye strain. Here are some fast facts pointed out in this year's report:

- 76% of Americans look at their digital devices in the hour before going to sleep.

- Adults under 30 experience the highest rates of digital eye strain symptoms (73%) compared with other age groups.

- 41% of women report experiencing back pain or text neck symptoms compared to 30% of men.

- 77% of the individuals who suffer from digital eye strain use two or more devices simultaneously.

- 70% of women report experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain and are more likely than men to simultaneously use multiple devices.

- 27% of Americans do not know computer eyewear can protect against digital eye strain.

And one of the most important facts that will hopefully encourage you to have a discussion with your doctor...

- 90% of patients do not talk with their eye care provider about digital device usage.

The good news is that there are quite a few solutions to digital eye strain, including special lenses create for computer use, eye drops to ease symptoms and more. The best place to start if you are struggling with symptoms of digital eye strain - schedule an exam with Dr. A or Dr. Pham. Click here to schedule an exam at one of our two locations, Hilltop & Del Ray.

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