Back to School Exams

August has arrived and with it, back to school shopping lists. One of the most important things you can add to your back to school to-do list is a comprehensive eye exam for the kids, and for yourself. For many folks, a physical exam is required before school starts. Your family doctor may do a vision screening, but that is not sufficient to asses your child's near vision as screenings typically only asses distance vision.

Kids spend a lot of their time looking at near objects like textbooks, iPads, and laptops. Near vision struggles can make kids uncomfortable staying focused on near sight required tasks – this can result in a decreased desire to read, poor handwriting skills and trouble focusing.

A comprehensive eye exam done by your family's eye doctor will help to make sure your child has sufficient near vision and isn't struggling. And your eye doctor will also be able to identify other vision problems that may impede learning.

To schedule an appointment for a back to school eye exam for your child, click here.