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Final Four Savings

Final Four Savings

Post a photo of you in your favorite team’s t-shirt to our Facebook page and save $25 off your purchase. Wear it to your appointment and save an additional $25 off.

The FINAL FOUR IS HERE! If your team made it to the Final Four – you can save AN ADDITIONAL $25 off your purchase by wearing your team tee to your appointment – so get your Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State & Duke t-shirts out of the closet because you could save up $50 off your purchase.

 *Cannot be combined with insurance discounts*


Spring Break Sunnies

Spring Break Sunnies

We are nearing spring break! That time of year when we take a few days to travel, rest, clean the house – hopefully you are planning a fun trip out of town to celebrate this little break from work, school and daily routines.

While you are planning your spring break packing list – there is one crucial item you cannot forget – a fresh new pair of sunglasses.

The sun is hanging around a little longer this time of year, which means we need to all be wearing our sunglasses more often. UV protection is key to preventing vision damage and even premature signs of aging. Yes – wearing your sunglasses protects your delicate eye skin from uv damage and wrinkles.

Good thing we have a fabulous selection of sunglasses from brands like Ray-Ban, Bevel, Face a Face, Kate Spade and Prada. Pack any of these sunnies in your spring break luggage and you’ll look stylish while protecting your eyes.

Shop our selection this week or make an appointment to come in and see us, we’ll help you select the perfect pair, get it properly fitted and make sure your prescription is correct.


eye2eye Heads to Vision Expo

eye2eye Heads to Vision Expo

Next week Dr. A, and our opticians Granville and Liz, will be heading the International Vision Expo in New York. We attend this annual conference for many reasons, including continuing education, access to the newest information about how to take better care of your eye health, to view revolutionary new products and the latest trends.

Attending this conference is important to us because it helps us be on the cutting edge of the industry and ensures that we are providing our patients the very best eye care available.

We learn so much about emerging technologies in care and burgeoning eyewear brands – and we bring it all home to eye2eye for you.

Stay tuned next week, we’ll be sharing what we see at the conference on our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram – there will be lots of stylish eyewear!


March Madness at eye2eye

March Madness at eye2eye

Are you getting ready for March Madness? Let your favorite team score you savings at eye2eye! Starting the Monday after Selection Sunday, 3/16 – if your team made it into the tournament, wear their t-shirt to your appointment and save on $25 off your purchase, post a photo of you in your shirt to our Facebook page and save another $25 off your purchase.

When the Final Four roll around, we’ll be offering an even bigger discount to the biggest fans who rock gear from their team. Stay tuned to learn more!

Did your team make the tournament! Any team t-shirt listed in the bracket below is eligible for the March Madness discount at eye2eye!


**Cannot be combined with insurance discounts**


Save Your Vision Month

Save Your Vision Month

March is National Save Your Vision Month. Sponsored by Optometry Cares, a foundation run by the American Optometric Association.

In honor of this month dedicated to raising awareness about how to practice healthy vision habits – we thought we would roundup some our best advice from Dr. A to help you maintain healthy vision through all stages of life.

1. InfantSee – This program at eye2eye provides free vision screenings for infants. Learn more about what to look out for in each month of your child’s first year of life regarding vision development, click here to see more.

2. Kids’ Vision & Better Grades – In this blog post, we discuss what to look out for with your child’s vision once they reach school age, when to schedule their first full eye exam and more.

3. Sun Safety Tips for Kids & Teens – In this blog post, you’ll learn how to protect your child’s eyes from UV damage. Also check out this post about how to select the best pair of sunglasses for your child.

4. UV Damage in the Winter MonthsThis post delves into the risks of not using proper UV protection in the winter months, as well as why its just as important to rock shades in the winter as it is the summer.

5. Family History & Preventative CareLearn about why it’s important to know your family history as it relates to vision health.

6. Five Easy Steps to Healthier Vision – Need a quick go-to guide for easy ways to support healthy vision? This post has 5 easy tips.

7. Summer Safety TipsLearn about UV protection in the summer months and why it’s so important to have a good pair of sunglasses.

8. Eat For Eye Health – This post covers delicious ways to support eye health – eye-friendly foods!

9. Ease Dry Eyes – Dry eyes can be uncomfortable & lead to vision issues, learn how to ease them here.

10. Glaucoma RiskLearn if you are in a high risk category for glaucoma.

11. A 21st Century Issue: Digital Eye Strain – With the mobile technology becoming an ever-increasing part of our lives, risks to your vision and overall health are posed. Learn about digital eye strain in this post as well as this one.

12. Computer GlassesProtect your eyes while logging hours in front of your computer.

13. What’s in an Eye Exam?This post is possibly the most important of all – learn what goes into a comprehensive eye exam and why they are crucial to healthy vision.

14. Macular Degeneration Testing – We now offer cutting edge testing that allows us to establish your baseline risk for macular degeneration. Learn more here.

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