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Your eye2eye: Meet The Staff

Your eye2eye: Meet The Staff

In this week’s edition of Your eye2eye – you’ll meet our staff! In this post, we introduce you to Granville, one of our talented opticians. In our Q&A with Granville, he tells us why he loves working with eye2eye and what sets us apart from the rest.

1. What is your favorite part of your job? I’m a people person, so my favorite part of my job is meeting and working with our clients we have in this very unique and diverse neighborhood.

2. What do you think sets eye2eye apart? What sets us apart is our attention to detail. We all really appreciate the quality and unique aspects of the products we offer here at eye2eye Optometry Corner.

3. What is your experience in the eye care/optometry field? I have worked in the optical industry for more than 20 years. I have worked in more traditional retail chain operations as well and high end optical boutiques. My broad range of experience has really taught me to appreciate quality – in both craftsmanship of frames and in my service to customers.

4. What is your favorite style/brand/frame? I love unique and modern eyewear. My favorites these days are Face a Face, Bevel and Orgreen. These companies bring great style and top quality to the optical world.

5. What are your hobbies? My favorite things are music, food and fashion. The DC Metro area offers great entertainment! I love checking out a great concert, action packed movies, and the ever-evolving DC foodie scene – so many restaurants, so little time!

Read more about what makes eye2eye Optometry Corner an independent optical boutique here.


Your eye2eye: Meet the Doctors

Your eye2eye: Meet the Doctors

In this week’s edition of Your eye2eye, you’ll meet our talented doctors.

Dora2_CircleMeet Dr. Dora Adamopoulos 

Dr. Adamopoulos’s first academic achievement was a double major in Molecular Biology and Microbiology from the University of Central Florida, where she built a solid foundation for her graduate degree as a Doctor of Optometry obtained from New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA in June 1998.

During her last couple of academic years Dr. Adamopoulos had the opportunity to sharpen her inherent clinical skills through a series of rotations at different types of medical settings on the East Coast. It was a valuable experience that offered the Doctor exposure to a completely diversified group of patients. Dr. Adamopoulos worked at the following medical centers:

  • Washington Navy Yard/National Naval Medical Center
    Bethesda, MD
    Vast contact lens exposure from soft fits to kerataconus/corneal graft patients. Co-management of glaucoma, diabetes, and pediatrics.
  • Veterans Affairs Medical Center
    Manchester, NH
    Extensive hands on experience in diagnosis and management of ocular diseases. Managed patients with glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases. Mastered skills such as gonioscopy, scleral depression, photography, and topography.
  • Eye Foundation/LaserVue
    Orlando, FL
    Medical management of pre/post operative refractive surgery patients. Referral center for secondary and tertiary eye care from regional primary eye care providers.
  • South End Community Center
    Boston, MA
    Primary eye care optometry with Spanish speaking population.
  • Joslin Diabetes Center, Beetham Eye Institute
    Boston, MA
    Management of diabetic patients in a multi-disciplinary setting.
  • Veterans Homeless Shelter
    Boston, MA
    Provided full scope optometric services to the indigent population.

After graduation she entered the private practice arena by joining the Leahey Eye Clinic family, an eye care oriented community located at Lowell & Salem in Massachusetts. She worked in the primary care’s fast paced setting for a full year offering her invaluable services, which ranged from contact lens fittings, treatement and co-management of ocular pathology, cataracts, and diabetes in a large geriatric population, to name a few.

In September 1999 she was presented with an opportunity to practice in the Landmark area of Alexandria. Her practice oriented personality, nurtured for almost a decade during the pre-college years in the family restaurant business in which she was deeply involved, blended harmoniously with her solid academic background and the unique working experience accumulated so far from the plethora of medical settings she had practiced in. The following 9 years added considerably to her medical experience, sharpened her diagnostic skills, increased her clinical abilities dramatically, rendering a mature, well-rounded doctor.

It was a natural succession for her to set up a cozy and welcoming optometry corner, carefully selected at the Del Ray location, where she, and her competent staff, will devote their unparalleled customer oriented personalities to welcome and prudently treat all patients. Dr. Adamopoulos is a member of the medical advisory panel The Vision Council, she lectures for various optical seminars nationwide, she participates in webinars to educate about UV protection for kids and she attends continuing education conferences and seminars to stay up to date on medical eye care and eyewear products.

Dr. Adamopoulos is also an active member of the Del Ray Business Association, she enjoys supporting local Del Ray events, fundraisers and school screenings. She is an active member of AOA, VOA, and NVOS. When she isn’t busy with her practice, Dr. Adamopoulos loves to play tennis, cook and travel and remains an avid spectator of whatever sports her girls are currently playing.


Meet Dr. Doan drdoancircle

Dr. VyVy Doan specializes in primary family care optometry, specialty contact lens fittings, treatment of ocular disorders, laser vision correction consultations, and more specifically, pediatric optometry.  As a participating member of the InfantSee program, Dr. Doan screens children as young as 6 months old in the detection of excessive nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, eye movement ability and other eye health problems.

Dr. Doan was born in Orlando, Florida and received her Bachelor of Science in nutritional science from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. She received her Doctor of Optometry degree from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia, PA. During her years at PCO, Dr. Doan completed the Vision Therapy/Advanced Pediatric track module and was awarded clinical citation of excellence in Pediatrics.

In her leisure time, Dr. Doan enjoys running, cooking, hiking, snowboarding, tennis and traveling. She was able to cross-off “To run a marathon” off her bucket list in 2012 when she joined forces with the Make-a-Wish Foundation Mid-Atlantic Chapter in raising funds and running the Marine Corp Marathon. Annually and traditionally, Dr. Doan is a participant of our local Alexandria Turkey Trot.



How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

How to Properly Clean Your Glasses

Glasses and sunglasses get smudge-y, dusty, dirty – it’s just a fact of life as an eyeglass wearer. Some of us are guilty of the corner of the t-shirt cleaning technique or the huff on the lens and use to fog from your breath to clear the lenses move – but the truth is, neither of those are the best way to be cleaning your glasses and sunglasses lenses.

Here is the right way to clean them:

1. Ideally you’ll use the lens-cleaning spray given to you by your optician along with the microfiber cloth.

2. If for some reason you don’t have spray or a microfiber cloth, you can use dishwashing soap, choose one that is non-abrasive and cuts grease. You’ll also need a 100% cotton cloth.

3. Wash the lenses and frame using lukewarm water, the dishwashing soap and cotton cloth. Pay special attention to the frames and earpieces where make-up, hair product and dirt can build up.

4. Make sure never to use an ammonia based product like Windex – they strip the coatings and damage the surface of your lenses.

Ideally, clean your glasses once a day to keep them optimally clean and functional.


Tech Tuesday: Polarized Lenses

Tech Tuesday: Polarized Lenses

Polarized sunglasses have been popular for years with boaters and fishermen who need to reduce reflected glare from the water surrounding them.

But now that many others who spend time outdoors have discovered the benefits of polarized lenses, interest in these types of sunglasses has soared.

Besides boaters, outdoor enthusiasts who benefit the most from polarized sunglasses include skiers, bikers, golfers and joggers, all who may enjoy a clearer view along with elimination of glare.

These sunglasses can be used for driving and, in fact, can reduce glare from a long, flat surface such as the hood of the car or the road’s surface.

Light reflected from surfaces such as a flat road or smooth water generally is horizontally polarized. This means that, instead of light being scattered in all directions in more usual ways, reflected light generally travels in a more horizontally oriented direction. This creates an annoying and sometimes dangerous intensity of light that we experience as glare.

Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, reducing glare.

Some of our favorite brands of polarized lenses available in store now are :

1. Costa – A favorite among fishermen, these sunglasses are built to withstand water sports and more.

2. Rudy Project – A staple for cyclists and athletes, these sunglasses provide optimum comfort and performance.



Your eye2eye: What is an independent eyewear brand?

Your eye2eye: What is an independent eyewear brand?

In the second installment of our new blog series, Your eye2eye, we chat about why we stock the products we do, and what we hope our community and customers get out of their experience with eye2eye.

Why shop and support an independent eyewear boutique?

As a member and neighbor of our Del Ray community, we know first hand how important it is to this community to support locally owned small businesses like restaurants and retail stores. These small businesses make up the heartbeat of the Avenue, where main street still exists. Here at eye2eye we have gotten to know our customers over the years, we’ve learned what they like, we’ve listened to suggestions about products they need – and we’ve curated our collection of glasses and sunglasses to reflect those needs.

In keeping with the small town tradition of Del Ray, we too, like to do our best to support smaller eyewear manufacturers that carry products in a variety of price points that focus on design aesthetic, quality and attention to detail. Our customers like wearing a unique product that suits their lifestyle needs.

Every product we bring in to our store, we do with full awareness of our community and customers’ needs in mind.

Here are a few of our favorite independent eyewear brands and why we love them.

Face a Face

Face a Face is a French independent eyewear brand. Their designs are incredibly unique and high quality. Our opticians refer to them as “art for your face”.

Bevel is an independent eyewear line that creates classic designs in with modern touches. Their products are high quality and our staff loves them for their color choices!
Bevel Website4

Lindberg eyewear is at the top of the class for superior comfort and elegance. This independent eyewear line is known for their attention to detail and essential weightlessness.

Zero G
This independent eyewear line is known for there zero gravity weightlessness, making them one of the most comfortable frames around. They offer high fashion frames crafted for comfort.

Orgreen independent eyewear brand handcrafts artful frames that are trendy and fashionable. These designer frames are made to last.

Blackfin Titanium Eyewear
This independent eyewear brand is indestructible. Besides being unbreakable, they are also incredibly lightweight and super stylish.

We love supporting independent eyewear brands, and we hope you will come see the difference at eye2eye. Click here to make an appointment.


Tech Tuesday: HOYA Progressives

Tech Tuesday: HOYA Progressives

In this week’s installment of Tech Tuesday we are chatting about the sometimes touchy subject of progressive lenses. Progressive or ‘no-line’ eyeglass lenses have a gradual curvature across the lens surface and provide not only clearer vision at near and far distances, but also smooth, comfortable transitions in between.

Today you can find factory molded progressive lenses at many major retailers, made for average prescription powers, standard fitting parameters, and limited frame sizes. Fortunately, all progressive lenses are not created equal.

This week’s featured technology are progressive lenses from HOYA. What makes HOYA progressive lenses different?

From HOYA lens makers: “We’ve have taken a research-oriented approach to progressive lens development. Rather than relying on traditional lens making techniques, we’ve revolutionized progressive lens design technology, enabling HOYA-certified Eye Care Professionals to offer a more precise vision correction to each and every patient.

“We’ve even developed a line of customized progressive lenses, made possible by our HOYALUX iD technology. This new technique analyzes and then simulates the way your eyes see. Then our patented Integrated Double Surface design process (IDS) shapes your new lenses exclusively for the way you view the world. It’s the first technology to shape your lens design on both the front and back surface, which results in more comfortable transitions between near and far distances, noticeably wider viewing zones, and the virtual elimination of blurring and swaying sensations in your peripheral vision.”

Are you a progressive lens wearer? If you are and you are not wearing HOYA progressive lenses, make an appointment to see one of our skilled doctors for a comprehensive eye exam and let’s discuss getting you HOYA progressive lenses!


Apps To Train Your Eyes

Apps To Train Your Eyes

On this blog, we often discuss the negative effects of our increased use of smartphones, tablets and computers. Today we are discussing a positive way to use smartphones and tablets to help train your eyes to improve your vision. Is it possible? Which apps are out there? What do they actually accomplish? Below are two apps we have found that can help improve vision. It is important to note that while these apps can help train your brain to better process images, they cannot correct the optics of your eyes – meaning if you have corrective prescription glasses or contacts you will still need to wear them to see. These apps can help improve upon your existing vision.

App #1: Glasses Off

What does it do? Glasses Off claims to help users experiencing normal age-related vision loss train their eyes to read without using reading glasses.

How does it work? From the Glasses Of website, “Our vision is limited by the quality of images captured by our eyes and the image processing abilities of our brain. For people who experience the natural age-related changes in reading abilities, GlassesOff is designed to exercise the visual cortex of the brain to achieve comfortable reading without the use of magnifying devices, such as reading glasses.”

Does it work? Glasses Off technology was successfully scientifically tested, most recently at the University of California Berkeley. Their research was published in leading scientific journals, includingNature, Vision Research, PNAS, and more. According to Glasses Off, they expect that most users who follow the app protocol closely will experience an improvement in vision, here’s a quote from the company regarding efficacy, “The vast majority of users who were found suitable for the program and closely follow its protocol will be able to exercise the visual cortex of the brain to achieve comfortable reading without the use of glasses most of the time (e.g. for reading short text, menus, the time, etc.) but may require glasses when reading lengthy and small text or when in a dark environment.

Availability & Info: Glasses Off is available for iPhone and Android users, purchase it here. Glasses Off is available for , for more information, visit the their website.

App #2: UltimEyes

What does it do? UltimEyes claims to improve your vision by training your brain through games. From The Atlantic, “UltimEyes is a game-based app that’s sold as “fun and rewarding” as it improves your vision and “reverse[s] the effects of aging eyes.” It doesn’t claim to work on the eyes themselves, but on the brain cortex that processes vision—the part that takes blurry puzzle pieces from the eyes and arranges them into a sweet puzzle.”

Does it work? There has been significant evidence that it successfully improves vision, in some baseball players, their vision was improved to 20/7.5. Here is a quote from a recent article in The Atlantic, “This week the peer-reviewd journal Current Biology published the results of those trials. Players who participated in the training enjoyed a 31 percent improvement in visual acuity. Seven players actually got down to 20/7.5 vision—they could read a line from 20 feet away that a normal person can only read from 7.5 feet away—which is very rare.”

Availability & Info: UtlimEyes is available for both iPhone and Android, the app can be purchased here. For more information visit their website.

*Important Note: While these apps certainly help train your brain, they DO NOT correct the optics of your eyes. Thus your vision will be best with optical corrections (glasses, contacts, LASIK, etc) combined with brain training.


Anniversary Celebration THIS WEEKEND!

Anniversary Celebration THIS WEEKEND!

Join us today and tomorrow, Saturday 10/11 for our anniversary celebration! We will be enjoying small bites, giveaways and celebratory fun all day.

We want to thank you, our customers, and our neighborhood of Del Ray, for six fantastic years in business. We are proud to be your neighborhood eye care center and look forward to serving you for many more years.

While you are in the store, be sure to take advantage of our Lindberg frames promotion – receive a FREE Crizal non-glare lens treatment with the purchase of any Lindberg frame! This is a huge value!



We hope to see you at our anniversary celebration! We are located at 1502 Mt Vernon Ave in Alexandria, VA. Stop by and say hello!


Fall Style: Sneak Peek!

Fall Style: Sneak Peek!

Hoo-ray. That’s what we have to say about these stunning, bold and uber fashion forward Face a Face frames and sunglasses.

We are SO excited to add these to our collection, so here is a little sneak peek for you. Drumroll please….!

photo 1  photo 5 photo 1 (10)


Your eye2eye: A Doctor’s Vision

Your eye2eye: A Doctor’s Vision

In the first installment of our new blog series, Your Eye2eye, Dr. Adamopoulos shares her vision for eye2eye Optometry Corner and what drove her to open her own independent eyewear boutique.

Long before I graduated optometry school, I knew that I wanted to own a business. My family has always encouraged the entrepreneurial spirit, running family-owned Greek restaurants for many years. Independent business ownership is in my DNA. After graduation, I earned my stripes working for a large ophthalmology group. I then worked as independently next to a corporate chain, until I felt I had gained the perspective on the industry that I needed. There is hardly ever a perfect time to take the plunge of starting a business, but I just knew that I was ready to branch out on my own.

After much deliberation on a business plan, I started the process of searching for an office space. It took me a year to find and secure my current location and I was so thrilled to open my practice in Del Ray, Alexandria. I wanted to find an area with a strong community where I could grow, but also contribute. I wanted to offer products that you cannot find everywhere; quality eyewear made by independent brands with craft and care. I reached out to independent frame vendors, and made it a mission to stock their high quality, handcrafted, unique and built to last eyewear. Another priority of mine was to build a staff that share my passion for these same values – so I searched for the most qualified individuals in the field, and am proud to employ them at my practice.

Serving a customer base rooted in my community was and still is, a huge priority for me. I strive to be a community-driven healthcare practitioner, offering products and services to meet the needs of every stage of life – infants, children, teenagers, Moms, Dads, young adults, and aging eye care.

Continuing to provide excellent customer service, unique independent frame lines and quality vision care is what I hope keeps my patients coming back and also referring others.

Please follow along with the rest of our blog series, Your Eye2Eye, and learn what makes eye2eye Optometry Corner a unique, independent eyewear boutique.