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Frames Friday Roundup: 2013


This year we started sharing our favorite frames on the blog each Friday. Our intention is to show you the many different styles and brands we have available from our unique vendors. A big mission of ours here at eye2eye is to offer high quality, locally sourced, affordable frames and sunglasses. Here are a few of our favorites from 2013 – we look forward to sharing more fabulous frames with you in 2014!

If you are interested in getting fitted for any of these fabulous frames, or if you just need to schedule an eye exam for the new year, click here to make an appointment.

Happy New Year from eye2eye!


Frames Friday: New Line, Alexander Daas!



We are SO excited to introduce to you a new line we are now carrying, Alexander Daas. These frames are super modern and stylish and come in a wide range of styles. There are so many aspects of this brand that we are excited about, but we’ll outline a few here for you;

1. All Alexander Daas frames are designed using a real face. This is great because it helps ensure proper fit, they construct their frames keeping in mind that every face is different.

2. They have an entire line of petite frames. The choices for those with smaller faces can be rather slim, but not with Alexander Daas. They really aim to fill the void for petite faces.

3. The use only high quality Japanese and Italian acetate. An eyeglass wearer can absolutely tell the difference when wearing high quality acetate, and it will last.

4. They give a portion of all proceeds to charity. Each authorized dealer gets to choose where they will donate! Give the gift of sight and feel good about it, too.

In short, Alexander Daas frames are modern, stylish twists on classic designs. Interested in getting fitted for a pair? Stop in or make an appointment!


Year End Savings!



We have several year end clearance sales going on this month! It is the perfect time to snag some great deals on frames and sunglasses. Stop in Saturday 12/14 and save on our sunglass clearance sale, or 12/26 and save at our year end clearance event – use it or lose it! As 2013 comes to a close, so to your vision benefits and flex spending accounts – be sure to use up those benefits so you don’t lose them. This is a great time to take advantage of your vision benefits and save on stylish frames and sunglasses!

Schedule an appointment here or give us a call at 703-548-0122!


Frames Friday: Kliik

kliikff_1This week’s Frame of the week is from one of the brands that will be featured in tomorrow’s trunk show: Kliik. Tomorrow’s trunk show will have frames from both Fysh & Kliik for you to check out!

Now, onto some more information about Kliik – they are fabulous brand of eyewear from Denmark. They create sophisticated eyewear for men and women in inspiring colors and innovative designs.

Their focus is on keeping their eyewear styles fresh and modern, so that you, the wearer, can have a style that is truly unique. Stop in tomorrow to find out more about this great brand!



Feast for Your Eyes

Feast for Your Eyes

Its that time of year – holiday parties, family celebrations – it all means plates full of foods that are most likely not the best for us. We all tend to splurge and eat a little more than usual during the holidays, so why not take the opportunity to pack a few eye-healthy foods into your diet and onto your plate?
Patients are always asking what they can do to keep their eyes healthy. A response they don’t often expect is to incorporate more eye-healthy foods into their diets. Below is a chart of some of the essential nutrients that specifically impact your eyes, along with the best foods that pack the biggest punch of each nutrient. Always check with your health practitioner before adding or changing your diet, specifically nutrients, at it may interact with medication.
Protecting your eyes and keeping them healthy is a lifelong process.  Along with diet, you can help maintain your best visual performance and decrease your risk of age-related eye changes by:
-maintaining healthy levels of lutein and zeaxanthin
-wearing sunglasses and hats when in sunlight (even in the winter!)
-examining your eyes annually
-discontinuing smoking
-watching your weight
-limiting alcohol intake
It’s never too late to start incorporating these healthier changes into your everyday life.  Great idea for New Year’s resolution!